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Musto Wine Grape: 

Musto Wine Grape Co. LLC, online as Juicegrape.com, is working to change the way you view making wine. We are a privately-held, family business with a collective passion for wine and winemaking.

At Musto Wine Grape Co. LLC, we serve all areas of the market for your winemaking needs; wine grape products, equipment, supplies, education, and logistics. Our product knowledge and logistical network allows us to serve wineries, home winemakers, breweries, cideries, distilleries, and homebrew shops. We believe that everyone interested in crafting their own wine should have access to the best grapes, juices, equipment, supplies, and knowledge available.

Like you, we are very passionate about what we do. Our team at Musto Wine Grape Co. LLC are excited to work with you on your wine related endeavors, big or small. Collectively, we are working to bring winemaking and appreciation to a whole new level! For any questions or inquiries please email [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!

Winemaking Professor Frank Renaldi: 

I have a deep passion for not only making wine but teaching others the art of making wine. I have been making wine for over 18 years from kits, juice, grapes and frozen must. I developed my skills through long hard work. I have attended many seminars including WineMaker magazine Conferences, Penn State classes and many online seminars and classes. I am excited to take all my years of learning and present it to you in a simple and informative style on our website.

I teach several classes at Musto Wine Grape in Hartford, CT. The most popular class is called our “Bootcamp” wine making class. It meets five Saturdays for 3-4 hours each week. We make wine together from grapes. We follow the entire wine making process with class lectures and hands-on experience. We cover many other technical topics during our five weeks, including tasting wines each week to learn about wine faults and learning how to correctly taste a wine. Each class is filled with home wine makers and local wineries attending our class.

I also make a lot of wine at home. My entire basement is a winery with a tank room, barrel room and a bottle storage room. We recorded many of the videos in my home winery, so you see how far you can push your own wine making environment. I will share my equipment with you as we learn together.

I consult at several local wineries which make 3000 – 14000 gallons of wine each season. I will teach you how to make wine the professional way in simple and organized terms – with plenty of hands-on demos. We have over 45 videos which are very detailed. Each video offers downloads of the specific topic along with spreadsheets if applicable. I know we can help you become a great winemaker - every season and every bottle!


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